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We have nurses in the following specialised areas:

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Travel Nurse

For enquiries, please call  us on 04 385 4316 or apply online


Healthcare Assistant

For enquiries, please call  us on 04 385 4316 or apply online

What they say about us

“I am with Astra Healthcare agency for a year. This nursing agency is the best one I have worked with so far. All the staff are very welcoming and approachable if there were any issues. Throughout the year, I worked full time and always had worked the week before. Astra provided training throughout the year and have given me many gifts and vouchers which I greatly appreciated. I truly enjoyed working with Astra for a year and would recommend this agency to any nurse coming to Wellington.”

 – Chloe F. 
Registered Nurse (UK)

“I used to have a lot of reservations about agency nursing especially in terms of job security, the type of placements, whether or not the agency will just treat me as a number. All those doubts and worries vanished instantly after my initial contact with ASTRA Healthcare. The team members are highly organised and efficient. They never sugar coat anything, they are very honest and respond to your queries promptly.  The induction process was fast and easy and they have never deployed me to facilities which they think is completely out of my depth, taking into account my main speciality as a nurse.

– Ryan C.
Registered Nurse (NZ)

They form relationships with their nurses which I think is fantastic! Communication is excellent, and they are very flexible when it comes to their nurses’ availability.   It’s a shame I’ve had to go part time with them because of a permanent part time post that I got offered by the public hospital.  I have dealt with several staffing agencies all over the world, ASTRA by far is the best and well put together.”

– Ryan C.
Registered Nurse (NZ)

“While working in ICU for 15 years in Australia and the UK, I preferred to have the flexibility of agency work and have worked for many agencies that specialised in critical care placements. Most of these agencies had expanded to a point they had lost their identity and personalised approach to what I required in my work and home environment.”

 – Megan C.
Registered Nurse (AU)

When I joined Astra Healthcare in 2008 Astra Healthcare was happy to accommodate my very specific demands. I was treated with respect and acknowledged for my skills and was placed appropriately in critical care environments such as ICU and ED. I was contacted post these shifts in the first few weeks, to see if the shift went well and If I was happy to return for another shift in the future.
I did not feel pressured to work in areas that I was not comfortable in and my shift preferences would be fulfilled 90 % of the time. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Astra Healthcare which in turn allowed me to relax and make the most of my time in New Zealand and I will return again in the future.“

 – Megan C.
Registered Nurse (AU)

​​”Thanks for everything, I have really enjoyed working for Astra! I am going to miss New Zealand.”​

– Aimee
Registered Nurse (UK)



“Thank you Astra Team for all your support and encouragement. I had enjoyed my time working with you. Thank you so much. I look forward to working with you again.”

– Neethu
Registered Nurse (AU)

“Having experienced agency nursing in London and Sydney and recently moving to NZ, Astra Healthcare has been the most accommodating and supportive beyond my expectations. I am still amazed by the quick processing of my application. Astra Healthcare has made it a real pleasure to be part of the company. It goes beyond just filling shifts but there is a strong emphasis on continuing education, encouragement to conduct study days and regular catch up sessions. I feel like a valued staff for the first time instead of just another agency nurse. I can’t recommend enough to any nurses moving to NZ or wishing to have more flexibility, less pressure and career satisfaction to join this professional and friendly agency.

Thank you Astra!”

– Julie H.
Registered Nurse (AU)

​”I have been with Astra Healthcare for almost two years and as an overseas nurse from the Philippines I am so grateful for their genuine and countless support. Thanks Astra!”

– Don A.
Registered Nurse (PH)

“I have worked with Astra Healthcare for over two years and found them professional, friendly and accommodating; I am in no hurry to get a permanent job and Astra is the only agency that I would consider working with in NZ. Thanks Astra!”

 – Mo B. 
Registered Nurse (NZ)

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