While working in ICU for 15 years in Australia and the UK, I preferred to have the flexibility of agency work and have worked for many agencies that specialised in critical care placements.

Most of these agencies had expanded to a point they had lost their identity and personalised approach to what I required in my work and home environment.

When I joined Astra Healthcare in 2008 Trish was happy to accommodate my very specific demands. I was treated with respect and acknowledged for my skills and was placed appropriately in critical care environments such as ICU and ED. I was contacted post these shifts in the first few weeks, to see if the shift went well and If I was happy to return for another shift in the future.

I did not feel pressured to work in areas that I was not comfortable in and my shift preferences would be fulfilled 90 % of the time.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Astra Healthcare which in turn allowed me to relax and make the most of my time in New Zealand and I will return again in the future.

Megan C.