Australian RN

Having experienced agency nursing in London and Sydney and recently moving to NZ, Astra Healthcare has been the most accommodating and supportive beyond my expectations. I am still amazed by the quick processing of my application and Trish driving me to my first...

Filipino RN

I have been with Astra Healthcare for almost two years and as an overseas nurse from the Philippines I am so grateful for their genuine and countless support. Thanks Astra! Don A.

Australian RN

While working in ICU for 15 years in Australia and the UK, I preferred to have the flexibility of agency work and have worked for many agencies that specialised in critical care placements. Most of these agencies had expanded to a point they had lost their identity...

New Zealand RN

I have worked with Astra Healthcare for over two years and found them professional, friendly and accommodating; I am in no hurry to get a permanent job and Astra is the only agency that I would consider working with in NZ. Thanks Astra! Mo B.

Indian RN

I still remember my first days in New Zealand. I was in search of a job. It was then I met Christine who directed me to Astra.. Luck favoured me and thus I too became a part of Astra.. Without any exageration, I would say It was really a twist of my destiny. I really...